Personal development/organizational development

In my view, personal development without organizational development is a waste of time and money. It makes little sense to consider and/or develop the “hard” aspects (structures, processes, results) and “soft” aspects (vision/mission, corporate culture, personnel mindsets, implicit knowledge, experience, relationships) separately from each other.

Plus: it makes even less sense to apply the long since outmoded approach of filling learners with knowledge. Development measures that are mandatory for the personnel in a given organization often backfire, i.e. they have the exact opposite effect relative to what was intended. It is absolutely essential that participants in such measures find them meaningful and feel that such measures will help them to do their jobs better.

I can help you to devise and roll out personal and organizational development measures that will achieve and spur holistic success and bring about palpable, positive and lasting change. I will bring to bear my extensive experience and flexibility in rolling out, in setting in motion the exact evolutions that will bring your company closer to reaching its goals.